SS22 - Internet Friends

The Summer 2022 collection will be available in person at DEF CON 30. It'll offer a number of vintage-inspired graphic tees, accessories, and stickers highlighting our theme for this season. 

With conferences opening back up, we realized that many of us were meeting the friends we made online for the first time. This summer's collection is an homage to the days when hacker friendships were forged through LAN Parties, CTFs, and other devious hacker sh*t.

DEF CON attendees will be able to buy it in person at the Vendor Area, including an exclusive DEF CON 30 Vintage Rap Tee (approved by DEF CON themselves!)

But if you're not attending this year, all other items will be available online for pre-order purchase August 10th 12:00pm PST for a later shipment shortly after DEF CON.

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July 25, 2022 — Sean Sun